Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blog Challenge - Day 10

If I could live off of one food and one beverage for the rest of your days, what would it be?

Well now, this is a hard choice when it comes to food. Water would be the beverage, I really one want water, Sprite or Sweet Tea, but with only one to choose from, it would have to be water. the question should not be could live off of, but HAVE to live off of. lol. I love food and my food cravings change all of the time. Right now my choice would be kind of a catch all and I would say Salad. Because with salad you have have fruits and veggies, dairy and meats. Not to mention the different choices of dressings that you can top them with.

If you were to ask me this tomorrow I might just say chicken or even fruit snacks. But I know the one thing I have been craving the most lately has been salads.

What would your choices be?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!!

Happy Birthday!!! I am 30 years old today and other then one crazy mood yesterday, I took this birthday with grace and a few tears. haha.

Seriously though, I was excited about this birthday and did not plan anything big or crazy because that is not me. I wanted to have family and friends over for a get together or everyone go out to dinner, but my birthday is on a Tuesday and with is being so close after the 1st of the month, I understand financial constraints.

I only had one goal to meet before my birthday and I am proud to say that I have done it. I started a weight loss journey, there is no other way to say that...I tried. I am working on lowering my intake of food and calories and adding in exercises as often as I can. Because of my bad back, I am unable to exercise everyday, so this restricts me in a lot of ways.

My goal was to lose 10lbs before my 30th birthday and I made it, barely, but I did!! Now I did good all day today, but splurged with cheesecake for dessert, and it was well worth it!! I know that overall is what matters and I have to have a few things here and there or I will revert back to all of the bad eating habits at once.

Exercising, even just the walks, have helped with my energy, stamina, motion and back pain. I have felt better then I have in many years. The doctor did tell me all I had to do was some exercise to help, but I was always in too much pain and depression to really start doing it.

Recently something pushed me over the edge and I finally started to change things. I started out small with a walk here and there and was able to move quickly into longer walks and can do 3-3.5 miles each walk now, depending on how many days I go a week. It has been hard to work out during the rainy days, not only am I not able to walk outside (No gym membership, no personal treadmill), but the rain causes the pain in my back to become worse due to the bone issues and arthritis. But I have been working on getting back into my walks around the rainy days.

I thought it would never be possible. I have started and given up so many times and have gained and lost so often that I had given up hope. I was at a steady weight for over a year and not happy. I hated taking pictures of myself, except my face up and certain angles only.

Even though I have not lost much, I FEEL the difference in my clothes and my body. I am less tired and more active even when I do not work out that day. I am not the discouraged and down person anymore. I am strong, encouraged and willing to continue with this until I am healthy!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blog Challenge - Day 9

Pet Peeves.

OK even though there are many little things that annoy me, I may not be able to think of the most annoying ones, but just ones I can think of now or have experienced recently.

1. People who don't return shopping carts but leave them in between cars, (especially when they are parked one or two spaces from the cart return) !!

2. Babies in movie theaters. Crying baby during Godzilla, Iron Man 3, and even Ride Along. Also in addition, children seeing inappropriate movies for their age. (At least to me)

3. People who constantly fuss with their hair. 30 second conversation and at least 18 hair flips and run throughs!

4. Eating noises, slurping, lip smacking, obnoxious lout chewing, not appropriate ANYWHERE!

5. Tapping. Feet, shoes, hands, nails, pens, etc. Tapping is annoying to me.

6. Taking the trash out 15 feet from your door and stepping in dog shit crap from one of their neighbors dogs, because YOU pick up your dogs every time. (except when he went twice on the normal walk and you brought only one bag, two bags every time now)

7.  Crying and temper tantrum kids that throw fits and the parents say "he'll get over it" "so cute" and don't acknowledge or try to calm them in any way.

8. People that don't dress for their age or body type. You may fit in size 3 pants, but your stomach needs a bigger size. Same with shirts that are too tight and short that show belly hanging out. People in 50s and older, who dress in mid drifts, cut offs, stiletto heels, etc.

9. Pulling out clothes from the washer and the socks that fall between the dryer and washer. RIP socks.

10. My memory. Going into the kitchen for 5 things, forget 3. Go back into kitchen, forget 2, back in and you forget what you were in there for. Sit down, get comfortable and you remember the last thing, probably the first item you wanted on the list.

Well, I did better then I thought by making a list of 10. As you can tell, I have an extensive list and I know I missed plenty (#10 My Memory) but you get the idea. I am sure that many of you have the same.

Anyone agree with one of mine?
Would you like to add another pet peeve?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weight loss/Fitness for me

So yes, I have been working on increasing my fitness level and activity, from none, to something.

I am working on what I eat and making better choices, but not cutting out everything bad out entirely. I have to eat some treats here and there so I don't give up and forget the eating habits I am trying to do. I've been there too many times before.

I am not following any particular diets or exercise plans.I have two lower back disc hernias that keep me from doing many exercise programs that involve a lot of fast moving and twisting. I walk, but I cannot run as I do not have the strength or endurance.

The things I do are to work out for at least 30 minutes every other day if possible. I currently use 3 lb weights for my arm strengthening and work on squats and other leg activities. I do some ab work, resting between each set to evaluate how my back is holding up and because I don't have the full strength. I  do my push-ups on my knees.

Each person has to find something that works for them. I started small and added a bit each day I tried to see where my limits are. Now I am staying with my limits until I feel strong enough to go further.

Walking has helped a lot with my back and overall strength. I am now able to complete a 3.5 mile walk within an hour and can do this almost every day. I would like to do this everyday eventually too, but I try to get a walk in when I can. I live in FL and its been rainy a lot, which means if I get home with time I can grab a quick 1 mile walk before the rain, which helps get me started for my 30 minute workout too.

I do weigh myself weekly, but I focus more on how my clothes have been fitting. When I start to see something less tight in certain areas, or something looser in areas, I can tell that there is some progress and that is what motivates me the most.

I wish everyone the best. Whether you are working on weight-loss or fitness. Good luck!!!

Blog Challenge - Day 8

Three things you want to say to different people.

It took me awhile to get the nerve to write this, even though I know that these people will never read it. No matter how close or far they are from me (I mean emotionally.

1. My ex - We had been through a lot together. After it was over, I became independent and stronger. When I worked on "myself" when we were together, I did it for you more then me. Now all is for me and what will help me the best. I have grown a lot since us and I hope you have grown much also. After the breakup and the pain subsided, I only hoped positive things for you and your family.

2. My sister - We have been close through our lives here and there, but as we get older, we seem to drift apart. Plans made and cancelled. We only get together for family events, but never for just us. I know I am at fault, as you are, but this makes me upset and sad. I have tried to tell you how I feel a few times and you say we will hang out more, but then there are more cancelled plans and only family events. Will we ever be close at all?

3. My boyfriend - We have been together 5 years and I know we both want the same things. We both want to be together and have kids together soon because we are not getting any younger. Do you still want marriage and kids? Or only kids? I am OK without being married to you, our love is stronger then just adding marriage to it. I do want kids with you, but I'm scared that you really don't. If you do want kids together, can we try soon? I want to be a mom, I am only getting older at this point and don't want to have them too late in life.

This quote sums up the 3 things I would tell people. More then 3 things, but THE things I would tell people. My past, the present and the future.  I need to focus more on the present and do what I can each day to live life to its fullest and be happy with my life.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blog Challenge - Day 7

Do you read? What are your favorite books?

Ok, I used to read ALL the time. Working in a call center that was slow most of the time I was able to take phone calls and read books in my available.

Since I have changed jobs and I work in invoicing for a law firm my hands are needed for inputting items all day long, this means I can not read books during work, I tried, but it was impossible to keep up with a book only being able to read on breaks and have to do everything else I need on breaks.

My boyfriend recommended Audio books which was never into because I thought they would be boring. The first book series I got from him was Jim Butcher - Dresden Files.

This book series describe the life and work that Harry Dresden does. He is the only Wizard P.I in Chicago. The times are now and his character has quick wit and a sarcastic nature. The audio books are narrated by James Marsters who does a wonderful job with the different moods, actions and all characters of the books.

This series currently has 15 books out and the 16th will be released on 5/27/2014!!!

These are my favorite books/audio books.

Blog Challenge - Day 6

What band or musician is most important to you?

Well this is a hard one....Remember about how forgetful I am?? This is where this comes in to place.

There is so many things, people and bands that I could listen to all day long

One group that I always go back to over and over and I can listen to most of their music every day is A Perfect Circle.

Their CD Mer De Noms I got from an ex and started to listen to which was perfect timing. Their mellow and soothing voices helped to calm me and make me get into a better mood. Their song 3 Libras on that album can bring me out of whatever funk I am in. Just the way the music and their voices sound makes me happy to listen to them.

A Perfect Circle and their CDs Mer De Noms and eMotive have always and will continue to be my top favorites of all time.